Who is Matt Meehan?

Many new bonsai enthusiast struggle to find clear, concise and simple answers to their questions they have on growing and caring for their bonsai tree.

I Solve this!…

By using My Bonsai Creations as a resource in your bonsai journey, you the new bonsai enthusiast will be provided with the information you need to know to successfully grow and care for your bonsai tree with simple and easy facts and tips. And whats more, you won’t  need to have a green thumb or spend years studying bonsai.

Whether you have just bought or are planning to buy a starter tree or a preexisting bonsai tree,  or you may have received a bonsai as a gift, Bonsai Creations will be a valuable source of information.

I understand there is plenty of information out there on the Internet about bonsai, some of it very good, some of it not as good.

However, on My Bonsai Creations we will deliver clear and concise bonsai information and tips on topics such as:

  • how to buy a bonsai tree
  • how to grow for a bonsai tree for beginners
  • common bonsai mistakes to avoid
  • the best bonsai species for beginners
  • how not to kill your bonsai
  • and much more

That you can put into practice simply and easily to care for your bonsai

facts A few Facts on Matt

  • Born in January 1966, yes almost 50…
  • Live in Sydney, Australia
  • Discovered bonsai in 1984 watching The Karate Kid movie
  • Enjoy reading about and growing bonsai
  • Time person of the year 2006 (so were you) – check it out
  • Recently propagated Wisteria originally taken from my great grandfathers 100 year old plant


Thanks for taking the time to read this page. If you are new to bonsai and are ready to learn, I encourage you to take the next steps by:

Downloading my free eReport; or

Read through some of my recent posts; or

Dive straight in and purchase my eBook: Bonsai How To – The Beginners Guide

To your bonsai growing success

Matt Meehan

MM Flat

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